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Our portfolio of services include general troubleshooting, network planning & design, mobile solutions, communication and collaboration tools, data protection and business continuity, project management, cloud services, managed services and business intelligence dashboards.

We specialize in the following critical areas for small business owners:
  • Data Protection and Disaster Recovery : How long will your business operate with no access to your data, without receiving and making calls, with no e-mail and no Internet access? Each business is affected differently and that is why there is no ....(more ...)
  • Collaboration and Communication Tools:  Today’s business communications are e-mail centric, even to send an invite for a video call. Having the right communication platform to enable secure e-mail, chat, voice and video exchanges among .... (more ...)
  • Managed Services: It is not a secret: Small Businesses often have limited and focused human resources who wear a multitude of hats on a daily basis. From all the areas that a business Owner or a General Manager has to deal with, IT is .... (more ...)

  • Dashboards for Healthcare / Business Intelligence: Visibility of operational data, metrics and indicators is a must to quickly react to market and environmental factors. Producing those visualizations has been "easier said than done" ….. until now ….(more ...)
Data Protection and
Disaster Recovery
Communication and
Collaboration Tools
Managed Services Dashboards for Healthcare / Business Intelligence
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