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Collaboration and Communication Tools

Today’s business communications are e-mail centric, even to send an invite for a video call. Having the right communication platform to enable secure e-mail, chat, voice and video exchanges among co-workers, customers and vendors is paramount to survive in the marketplace. 

Add collaboration tools that enable your crew to stay connected, be mobile, work in and out of the office and you will have the blueprints of a modern and effective small business.


Amazingly, some small businesses do not even use their own domain, their Internet business name or “on-line” identity when communicating with 3rd
 parties. Some still use “free” services for e-mail and video conferencing exchanges thinking they are saving money and taking advantage of technology. In reality, in most cases unknowingly, they are sending the wrong message to the world.

Would you do business with a firm that does not invest on its own image? Would you send sensitive information to such firm through a channel that is not secured and through services well known to “read” and “index” your sensitive information? We surely won’t.

Having the right platform of products and services is affordable. 
Whether your business’ needs call for an on-site, on the cloud or hybrid solution we will find the one that satisfy those needs and fits your budget.

Communicate correctly, effectively and efficiently.

Contact us or call us at 1-855-IT-FOR-SB (1-855-483-6772) for a FREE Collaboration & Communication assessment.

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