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Managed Services

It is not a secret: Small Businesses often have limited and focused human resources who wear a multitude of hats on a daily basis. From all the areas that a business Owner or a General Manager has to deal with, iT is one that affects all employees and it is often perceived as complicated and messy.

Typically, it is absolutely forgotten or it is outsourced and forgotten when instead it could be responsibly delegated without relinquishing control of it.

The term “Managed Services”, the outsourcing of the execution of a task or tasks to a competent 3rd party, implies that the task or tasks to be “managed” belong to the business and in consequence every single step, element, component, resource, credential, password needed to execute the task belongs to the business as well.
The 3rd party, the service provider, must be just a temporary steward committed not only to the execution of the task but to defend and protect the business' interests as if they were its own.

That is how Innovate iT understands “Managed Services”: a commitment to serve our Customers, advice, defend and protect their iT assets to the best of our abilities while having no ownership of the tasks and their elements whatsoever. Everything we handle is our Customer’s property; we are just the delegated, temporary stewards.

As such, we provided highly detailed documentation to enable our Customers to take such delegation away from us, assume it themselves or transfer it to other service provider without generating the unneeded stress, drama, and costs of changing the “iT Guy”.

We retain our Customers by providing value, not by imposing technological dependency. We can do so because we are truly i
T Pros.

So, go ahead and focus on running your business and let us take care of your iT ….. while you keep control of it, always.

Contact us or call us at 1-855-IT-FOR-SB (1-855-483-6772) for a FREE Managed Services assessment & quote.  

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