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Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

How long will your business operate with no access to your data, without receiving and making calls, with no e-mail and no Internet access? Each business is affected differently and that is why there is no “one size fits all” solution. There are, tough, universal, common sense principles that apply to all.

The industry’s statistics about data protection tell us that 40% of small businesses do not protect their data, that from those who do, only 23% do it on a daily basis and that 70% will go out-of-business after a mayor data loss if they are not able to resume operations within 10 days.
Data protection is not a task; it is not a matter of downloading an “app” to backup data and subscribe to services whose terms are accepted but never read. Data protection must be a strategy, a custom-made detailed plan specific for your business that encompasses protection against data threats (viruses and malware), data backup and recovery based on:
  • How quick you want to be back in business if a data disaster strikes
    (Recovery Time Objective).

  • How much data you are willing to lose after a data disaster
    (Recovery Point Objective).

  • Your budget.
Backing up data is just one step towards data protection and in turn data protection is just one element of a comprehensive disaster recovery plan intended to provide continuity to the business and its critical services.
Don’t be fooled into thinking that all you need to recover your business is an “app” and some cloud-based storage.
Don’t be part of the statistics. It is your data and services; it is your business … take control of iT .
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